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We are a huge database of anything technology related. We offer support on multiple electronic devices, including phones and computers. We handle all kinds of electronics. We even specialize in gaming support. If you have questions, we have answers!

If you need help with anything related to computers, software, phones, or any other kind of electronics, then please visit and speak with our support team.

KSS Tech WikiaEdit

If you need help with anything, feel free to contact any of our support members. If you have certain programming or tech skills, please let us know! We'll take as much help and support as we can. If you would like to help with IRC or any other kind of network support, that would be highly appreciated as well. We already have knowledge and support on Wikia itself, but the more the merrier. We are currently not offering admin positions. We hand select members who contribute the most to our community. Please to not ask or beg to be an admin. If you would like to help contribute and become a supporter, we'll allow it as long as you show you can have that knowledge.

If you have knowledge with any kind of mobile device, walkie talkie, microwave, television, computers, software, video games, etc; feel free to contribute. Personal game guides are a powerful tool that will also help contribute to this community.

We will help with anything and everything that we can legally help with. Please do not ask for any kind of illegal support. As long as it has to do with electronics or software (legal only), then we can help. Those who beg or privide for Illegal bios files or any kind of illegal content will be banned!

Please feel free to join the chat. If no one is in chat, please wait until someone arrives, or just leave us a message on our wall and we will get back to you! Thank you!

More about KSS Tech WikiaEdit

KSS are the initials of the 3 founders who created this site. Komishiro, Synystershy, and Soap Shadow. They wanted to create a Wikia full of support and learning. The original Idea was to create a site for geeks. A site full of technology information. They wanted to have support for any kind of electronics or software. They came up with the idea to create a Tech site. So, Thus KSS Tech Wikia was born!

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